• Image of Exploding Head (Smuggy-Bear)

Paint and ink on 300gms watercolour paper.

The Exploding Heads Paintings (2019) are a series of forty 30x42cm paintings. Their painting process is built up in layers like a game of consequences forming heads build from misremembered clumps of art history and dollops of pop-culture. This is reflected in their comic titles of misquoted names or phrases. Contradictions of fast-slow, heavy-light, funny-grotesque are captured at some point between collapse and alignment, caught in an awkward moment of transition. The paintings are uncomfortable but celebratory. I take elements I like and configure them to create playful, hybrid, ‘schitzo-paintings’.

These are also available as giclee prints for £85 from Felix H Wilkinson. Visit felixhwilkinson.co.uk


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