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Limited edition Giclée prints from original collages. 30x40cm

Printed high resolution scans from original collages on photographic ink-jet paper, these are available in a signed, limited edition of 5. Th
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Paint and ink on 300gms watercolour paper.

The Exploding Heads Paintings (2019) are a series of forty 30x42cm paintings. Their painting process is built up in layers like a game of consequences forming heads build from misremembered clumps of art history and dollops of pop-culture. This is reflected in their comic titles of misquoted names or phrases. Contradictions of fast-slow, heavy-light, funny-grotesque are captured at some point between collapse and alignment, caught in an awkward moment of transition. The paintings are uncomfortable but celebratory. I take elements I like and configure them to create playful, hybrid, ‘schitzo-paintings’.

These are also available as giclee prints for £85 from Felix H Wilkinson. Visit felixhwilkinson.co.uke images are constructed from cut up an destroyed personal photographs, spliced together with magazine and catalogue cuttings weaving together truth and fiction and mythologising personal history as as darkly comic other-world.


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